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Our missions are: (1)increasing business leadership and strategic competencies (2) proficiency achievement in business language (English) We have coached, tutored and trained individuals and business professionals whose mother tongue is either non-English or English. These include multinational executives, employees and their family members; from many countries like Vietnam, China, Japan, India, S. Korea, the Philippines, France, Germany, Spain, Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan, USA, Canada, and many others who benefited from our expertise.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Interactive English Conversations through Practice with Multi-media Technologies

Interactive English Conversations through Practice with Multi-media TechnologiesSM 

English is a language that is globally spoken by individuals; who work in multinational organizations, who travels internationally, who likes to pursue international career, who likes to add a second language to speak, and those who like to interact with other English speakers for either business or personal use.

credits: IdeasN, Skype, Yahoo
Through the use of modern multi-media technologies and with universal English language, global conversations are possible.

The Program: Interactive Conversations Through Practice with Multi-media Technologies is a modern results and media-driven program that creates the experience, global interaction among individuals who like to develop the essential skills and competency in speaking; discuss issues, when you live in an English speaking country, use the language like the way native English speakers do. The program simulates a virtual interaction among globally based individuals by learning together through Skype or Yahoo Messenger. 

The Goals: Its purpose is to achieve a certain level of proficiency that articulates ideas, concerns, descriptions, perspectives, opinions, comprehension and emotions without fear and hesitation.

Topic Scope: Each scheduled session will have a conversational linguistic theme and topic focus. This will be provided by the Coach who will host and moderate the activity. Attendees will be provided with the topic scope so they will be ready and can participate actively. 

1. Must have an Account of either Skype or Yahoo Messenger
2. Pre-Registration required
3. Attendance is limited to 4 individuals per scheduled session
4. Others will be given a separate schedule when specific schedule is full

Who can Attend: Any individual who would like to increase their proficiency in speaking English and gain conversational skills without boundary.

Must have an account in either Yahoo Messenger or Skype.
Note: Sessions on either account are independent with each other, we do not mix them together for ease of technology and participant's location.

A.1 Via Yahoo Messenger:

A.2 Via Skype:

For inquiries: please call +1 650 241-3207 and to register please email to: Registration for Learning

To Avoid being auto-deleted:
When you email us with your inquiries, please avoid going to a 'Spam box and be auto-deleted'. We suggest that please provide the following information, then our Coach will give you a call or reply to your inquiry.
1. Name:
2. Telephone:
3. Email Address:
4. Zip Code:

We like to hear from you or from your friends who may be interested to participate in any of the programs that we conduct.

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